Cruelty-Free Biomimetic Silk Lashes for Days

The tech behind your woman lashes can work magic for your lash experience. Using ionized synthetic silk fibers made with nanotechnology, we were able to craft super-soft, fluffy lashes without using any mink fur. And because maximum grip and comfort are essential: shape-memory polymer technology lets our silk eyelashes fit your eye shape naturally and weightlessly. Long-lasting and water-resistant with very dramatic effect, our biomimetic silk lashes were made to be a woman’s all-day companion.

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Should You Buy Silk Lashes?

Silk false eyelashes are midweight type of lashes that are designed to look like natural lashes. Before we discuss more, you have to know that silk lashes are synthetic and not actual silk. Actual 100% silk is very soft and will never be able to hold its shape and curl on its own. Every brand will use its own formula to create a synthetic silk fibre to be used on these lashes. So if you want to know what’s in your silk eyelash extensions or diamond silk lashes, make sure to ask the manufacturer or read the label.

One of its biggest difference from mink eyelash extensions or faux mink lashes is that it’s finer and thinner. It’s more natural-looking than synthetic eyelash extensions and other types of synthetic lashes, although it might be difficult to tell silk or mink from afar. They do have their own pros and cons with false lashes being more ethical and giving more value for money, but in the end, it’s ultimately up to the wearer what to choose.

If you’re planning to buy something you can use long-term, we suggest you check out our falsies collections. Both our silk and faux mink lashes can be reused multiple times without compromising the quality.

So head on over to our online store to see which pair is perfect for you. If you have questions regarding our products, we’re more than happy to help you with it.