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The four basic eye shapes and what lashes to wear. This article teaches you how to identify your eye shape. Monolid, almond, round and hooded
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Basic Eye Shapes and the Perfect lashes to wear



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First things first, not all eyes are created equal. Everyone’s eyes are different.  Your eyes are one of the most important features of your face. A great pair of eyes will help you look great and feel confident.

        Do you know that knowing your eye shape can help you learn how to best flatter them when applying makeup and don’t forget the faux lashes! With each  unique eye shape, comes different makeup techniques and tips to enhance them. The same goes with the kind of faux lashes you’ll be wearing!

       Yes, lovies! There is a science in looking beautiful. Here are the 4 basic eye shapes to help you check out what kind of peepers you’ve got!

Stylists recommend that the very first step in determining eye shape is to ask yourself this essential question, “Do you have a crease and can you see it?”



If you have a visible crease in your lid, and you can see the whites of your eyes either on the top or bottom of the iris, your eyes are considered round. Round eyes almost always look bright and wide awake..


If your eyes are characterized by an iris that touches both the lower lid and upper eyelid — which means you can’t see any white above or below your iris, you have Almond eyes. Almond eyes are the most common eye shape. They are considered to be the most versatile for styling.


Now, when your eyes are open, and you don’t have a crease where your eyelid meets the skin below your eyebrow, you have monolid eyes. Monolid eyes are common in people of East Asian descent.


Finally, you have a crease, but it covers all or majority of the lid. Hooded eyes may sometimes be mistaken for monolid, this is because the eye crease is not visible when the eyes are open, due to excess skin hanging over it

Basic eye shapes



Since round eyes are circular, they tend to look more wide-eyed than other eye shapes. It is best to downplay their roundness and avoid making them look “eyes wide open” any further. Cat-eye style lashes are perfect for round eyes. These faux lashes start in shorter lengths in the inner corner and transition to long-length lashes on the outer corners like a winged liner, this elongates the eyes and makes them look less round.

AVOID: Large voluminous lashes, though they will make your eyes look smaller than it really is, the look is quite unflattering.


Monolid eyes typically look smaller than average eyes. The trick is to make the eyes look more open.  Lashes that are round, fluttery and extra curled will do well with monolid eyes. This creates the illusion of a more open, elongated eye shape. Multilayered lashes and criss-cross lashes also open up the eyes and are suitable for monolid types. 

AVOID: Heavy, straight lashes as they will make your eyes look even smaller.


Hooded eyes like monolids, look smaller. It is better to choose lashes for hooded eyes that makes the eyes look “open” and brighter. Lashes that are long in the center and gradually shorten at both ends give the illusion of depth and make the eyes more open. 

AVOID: cat-eye style lashes and dense lashes as it makes the eyes look small and downcast.


People with almond shaped eyes are incredibly lucky as they can get away with almost any lash style.  If you want to add volume, try crisscrossed lashes. Cat eye lashes is a classic and will suit you perfectly.

 AVOID: Nothing! Try experimenting with different lash styles and just have some fun. 

Finally, now that you know the right lashes that are perfect for your eye shape, make sure that they fit perfectly too! So don’t forget to trim them so that they fit your lash line just about right. It is common for faux lashes to have lash bands that are extra long so that they can be cut to size and have a custom fit. It’s meant to be worn comfortably after all!

Now that you know what’s your eye type from the 4 basic eye shapes and know what kind of lashes are perfect for you, go have some fun with your lashes and slayyyyyy.

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