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Magnetic Lashes or Glue-on lashes. The advantages and disadvantages of magnetic lashes and glue-ons. What lashes will you choose?
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Which is better? Magnetic lashes or glue-ons? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Magnetic lashes are fast becoming the trend now. More and more people are choosing them over traditional glue-on lashes. Will magnetic lashes live up to the hype? Here’s the tick on the advantages and disadvantages of Magnetic lashes and glue-ons.

Magnetics are not Messy

Traditional glue-on lashes use adhesives to stick the faux lashes near the lash line. As you know with glue, it does feel icky when applied to the skin. Also, they get everywhere when not completely dried. This is a major inconvenience when your face is all done and then a goop of glue just ruins it. Magnetics on the other hand uses a magnetic liner that is essentially like an eyeliner but full of iron oxides. The iron oxides in the liner are attracted to the micro magnets attached to the lash band of the faux lashes. These lashes will latch on instantly to the skin drawn with the magnetic liner. Spell convenient.

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Magnetics can be re-used again and again

Magnetic lashes tend to last longer as they can easily be taken off without being damaged. Glue-ons on the other hand need a variety of tricks to remove the adhesives in order to loosen their grip. Some use eye cream, hot-steaming, oils, adhesive dissolvers, and the like, all of which tend to damage the faux lashes in the long run. 

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Glue-ons are more flexible

We have to hand it down to traditional lashes for flexibility. Although we love magnetics, users observed that glue-ons are more bendable, because they don’t have magnets attached to the lash band. However, newer versions of magnetics showcase shorter lash bands or can be cut and customized to make the lashes closely follow the contour of the lash line. Another trick is to give the magnetics a good wriggle to make the bands more bendable.

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Magnetics are easier to clean

Glue is glue. Dead skin cells, dirt and grime can stick to the glue-ons because of its sticky consistency when not completely dry. Also, you need to wash your lashes and lashline to take off the gunk that was dried glue. Magnetic liners can be easily removed the same as regular eye liners would. A few gentle swipes of cotton with makeup remover is all it need to remove magnetic liners from the skin.

Magnetics are easier to apply

Draw a line along your lash line using the magnetic liner and place the false lashes along the drawn line. Voila! the lashes are already applied! It can be easily taken off too, as a simple pull will cause the magnets to disengage from the liner.

Magnetic Liners are safer

According to research, lash glue contains one of the most toxic ingredients found in beauty products today. It contains hazardous chemicals which include paraben, ammonia, formaldehyde, lead, and sodium dodecylbenzenesulfanate. Being exposed to this can cause skin irritation, redness, and swelling for susceptible individuals.

On the other hand, iron oxides, the main component found in magnetic liners are considered hypoallergenic.

In fact, Iron oxides are considered to be safe to be used in cosmetics and personal care products because they are non-toxic and are even well tolerated by those with sensitive skin.


So there you go lovies, the rundown on magnetics vs glue-ons. Are you switching to magnetic liners anytime soon?  Whatever your choice, be sure to use them wisely! Have fun with your lashes!