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Most Eyelash glues contain ingredients that causes allergic reactions and inflammations. This article tackles why using eyelash glue is actually not a good idea
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Dangers of Eye Lash Glue



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Eyelash glue is a popular beauty product used to apply false eyelashes, yet it can be potentially dangerous. It is important to understand the dangers of using eyelash glue and the long-term risks that come with using this product. Curious about the potential harm caused by eyelash glue? We look for answers.   We will also look into some of the common ingredients found in these glues and their effects on our bodies. Finally, we will explore some of the safer alternatives available for people who want to wear false lashes without risking their health.

What’s with Lash Glue Anyway?

According to the Center for Poison Control, it has been found that lash glues are made up of a concoction of adhesives, surfactants, solvents, and ammonium hydroxide. Glycol ethers, which cause poisoning when swallowed, can be found in most adhesives. A whole range of ingredients in lash glue, namely, alcohol and surfactants, can cause skin and eye irritation.

Recent research suggests that using eyelash glue can give a  plethora of health issues, from cornea damage to allergic reactions. Serious bacterial and fungal eye infections are also a big possibility with eyelash extensions. There is also a great chance of the glue coming in contact to the mucosa or directly into the eyes. Adhesives used for lash extensions contain cyanoacrylate, which is the same ingredient used in Super Glue. This is why there is a likely chance that glue getting into the eyes can cause scratched cornea and possible corneal scarring.

In short, lash glue can give a whole lot of problems from redness and soreness to serious eye infections. It has been also found that it can also cause cancer when used over a long period of time.


If Not Lash Glue, What Then?

Magnetic eyelashes are the safest way to add a pop to your eyes without endangering your health. Instead of lash glue, a modified type of eyeliner is used as a kind of adhesive which uses iron oxides. Iron oxides are the main component found in magnetic liners and are considered hypoallergenic. In fact, Iron oxides are FDA-approved and considered to be safe in cosmetics and personal care products because they are non-toxic and are even well tolerated by those with sensitive skin. Magnetic eyeliner for magnetic lashes is the best option if you have sensitive eyes, wear contact lenses, or have eyes that are prone to irritation when using lash glue for falsies.

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So for all you ladies out there, remember that you can still wear false lashes without endangering your health, just make sure that it’s magnetic lashes.

Have fun!