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History of False Eye Lashes



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Wearing false lashes is just as common as putting on lipstick nowadays, you don’t need a special occasion to wear one.

False lashes Through the Years

Lashes have been  an integral determinant of beauty since the dawn of time it seems.  The history of enhanced eyelashes dates back as early as 2500 B.C. during the time of the Egyptians. They are obsessed with achieving voluminous lashes and use ointments and brushes to fan them out and make them look thick and fluttery. 

Even ancient Rome has  some pretty strong notions about a person’s lashes as Pliny the Elder wrote – “Eyelashes fell out from excessive sex, and so it was especially important for women to keep their eyelashes long to prove their chastity”. Nice  thick and long lashes is a sign of virtue by Roman standards.

The French have some rather painful ideas of achieving beautiful lashes, as back in the 1800s Frenchwomen resorted to implanting fake lashes by threading them into their skin. Ouch. 

The first popular commercial eyelashes were sold by Max Factor in the early 1900s when it was popularized by the silent movie Hollywood actress Phyllis Haver.  

Even then,Hollywood starlets in the 1940s and ’50s loved the confidence of a thick and long eyelash. Women like Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth wear them in photo shoots to make their eyes look more riveting. Other actresses followed and the rest of American women were soon wearing them. Wearing false lashes became so much part of the American beauty culture that the famous actress Sophia Loren, still wears them well into her 80’s .

By the 1960’s false eyelashes were the fashion craze in most 1st world countries and an everyday staple for many women. Wash and wear eyelashes were even developed in the 70s to address the problem of dirt build up that is common with glue-on lashes. Interestingly, the 80s saw a decline in the use of false lashes as the natural look is more favored. Come the 90’s, bombshell actresses popularized falsies again with the advent of heavily accentuated eyes. In the 2000s, false eyelashes became totally mainstream. Glue on lashes as well as salon service for lash extensions has become all the hype. You are totally made up if you aren’t wearing any fake lashes. Wherever you go there is a lash salon service on every corner. Lash servicing has become a ritual for many women all over the world. With the advent of social media it is now so easy to get a hold of false eyelashes whenever you feel like getting one. 

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The Future of False Lashes

With the advent of social media, it is now so easy to get a hold of false eyelashes whenever you feel like getting one. Also, the expanding power of beauty and lifestyle influencers sporting enviable mile long lashes, has also fueled demand for fake eyelashes and increased their popularity. 

It is undeniable that the cosmetic industry has become stronger as more women are willing to spend considerable sums of money on aesthetics. The 2000s saw the demand for fake eyelashes skyrocket. The general consensus that the bolder the better has resulted in a growing trend  of manufacturing an endless array of lashes that cater to every whim and fantasy of women.

So worry not, fake lashes are here to stay. Better slay them girl!