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Klinqe Australia is a staunch supporter of animal anti-cruelty philosophy
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Klinqe Australia’s No Mink Policy



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animal cruelty

Mink Fur was a favorite for faux lashes.

In the early days of false lashes, mink hair was used due to its several great qualities – they are soft and fluffy and ultra-lightweight. Because of these factors, lash makers prefer them as raw materials for manufacturing faux lashes. Mink lashes give a dramatic look and have been observed to last longer than synthetic ones. Its lightweight quality makes it a favorite for most eyelash technicians as they could apply several pieces to each natural lash.

It's a cruel practice.

Though some celebs swear by the power of real mink lashes, it has been proven time and time again that the manufacture of mink lashes is highly unethical.

It is a common theme among Mink using companies to use comforting labels such as “ethically sourced,” free-range” and “cruelty-free”. This subtle consumer deception regarding the true plight of minks serves to further the cruel fur farming of these poor animals. Minks are solitary territorial animals and are used to running free in acres and acres of woodland, only meeting members of their own kind during mating season. They are animals that love to swim and burrow and keeping them caged in farms is totally unnatural for them. Unbeknownst to Mink Users, these animals are violently killed for their prized fur, their skins torn from their bodies even though some are still conscious.

Even when still alive they suffer neglect from being denied essentials such as food, water and medical care. Lastly, European minks are now categorized as critically endangered, once widespread across Europe, it’s population has vastly dwindled to only 20%.

Our Stand

Consequently, no amount of reason is ever good enough to continue supporting the exploitation of minks. Klinqe Australia is a staunch supporter of animal anti-cruelty philosophy. It is against our values to use, and support anything that may cause harm to animals.

To know more about the cruelty of mink farming you can visit this link: