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Why Magnetic Lashes is the best new thing in the cosmetics industry
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Magnetic Lashes Are Here To Stay



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Magnetic Lashes Are Here To Stay. Period.

Ever since magnetic liners were invented in 2018, it became so hugely popular that many fashionistas swear to never going back to the traditional glue-ons. Magnetic lashes are adding a new twist to the beauty industry that is quite promising. Magnetic lashes offer a mess-free, quick, and easy way of achieving fluttery and voluminous eyelashes that leave you with a dramatic and glamorous look. More and more people swear by magnetic lashes, because why not, when it is so easy to use? By simply drawing a line close to your lashline using the magnetic eyeliner (which is just the same as using your regular liquid liner) and then aligning the magnetic lashes along the drawn liner, the magnets from the lashes will securely adhere to the liner like magic! 

Also, magnetic eyeliners are hypoallergenic, they are paraben and sulfate-free, so they won’t irritate the eyes, it is the best option if you have sensitive eyes, wear contacts lenses, or have eyes that are prone to irritation when using lash glue for falsies. Magnetic liners contain iron oxides which carry pigment minerals – a basic ingredient for cosmetics. Iron oxides are FDA approved, they don’t cause burning, swelling, or potential loss of natural lashes. 

Now that we know that magnetic lashes are great to wear, here is some simple instructions on how to apply your Klinqe Magnetic Lashes.

How To Apply Magnetic Lashes.

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Applying your magnetic eyeliner lashes is quite easy. It can take a few tries to get the hang of it, but practice makes perfect!

The steps are as follows: 

  1. Give the liquid magnetic liner a really good shake.  This is to make sure that the iron oxides are evenly distributed in the suspension.
  2. Slightly pull the outer corner of your eye and apply the magnetic eyeliner to your lash line. Try to make one continuous line.
  3. Let the magnetic liner dry. About 2 to 5 minutes. Make sure the liner is completely dry before attempting to attach the lashes.
  4. When using the lashes for the first time, prep them first. This is done by giving the lash bands a good wriggle by moving it back and forth with your fingers to soften them up and make them more supple for easier application.
  5. Place the lashes along the eyeliner. Adjust as needed. It will instantly lock in place.
  6. You can adjust the length of your lashes by giving them a trim. Just make sure to cut the lash band in between the magnets.
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How to Remove and Store Your Faux Lashes

  1. To remove lashes, simply pull them away gently from your eye. 
  2. Remove the dried liner from the lashes using a cotton swab with makeup remover. 
  3. You may also clean them with alcohol and air dry before storing.
  4. Place them in their original Klinqe case so that they will be stored properly.

Klinqe Magnetic Lashes lasts a long time if used and stored properly.  So thereyou go, a rundown on your magnetic lashes. Have fun with it ladies!