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How to Properly Apply & Remove Magnetic Eyeliner



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If you love having long, luscious lashes but don’t want to take on the challenge of perfectly gluing on a pair of false eyelashes, magnetic eyeliner and lashes are an excellent option for you to try.

Long gone are the days of struggling with tacky glue and removing your lashes with bated breath, praying your natural lashes don’t become collateral damage. Instead, magnetic liner and lashes present a safe, convenient way to achieve the lashes of your dreams. The result is a set of full lashes that demand attention with every flutter. Fortunately, we have an extensive collection of magnetic lashes to choose from, so you can select the pair that best matches your style.

How to Apply Magnetic Eyeliner

how to apply magnetic linerNow that you’ve discovered a new addition to your makeup routine, you’re likely wondering how to apply them, considering no lash glue is involved (thankfully). The first step is to apply magnetic eyeliner – a quick and painless process that doesn’t result in bouts of frustration.

Follow the instructions below to achieve a set of stunning, show-stopping lashes, perfect for attending a special event or for everyday wear!

Pro tip: be sure to shake your bottle of magnetic eyeliner before use to activate the ingredients and ensure the product is evenly distributed.

Step 1:
Curl your Lashes

Once you’ve finished your eyeshadow, we recommend curling your lashes with our Gold Lash Curler and following up with your favorite mascara. Doing so will ensure your natural lashes blend seamlessly with your magnetic ones.

Step 2:
Apply magnetic eyeliner.

Take your Black Liquid Liner and wipe the wand of any excess liner to avoid getting a big splotch on your eyelid (we’ve been there before). Next, carefully drag your liner across the base of your lashes, starting from the inner corner to the outside. To get a precise line, we suggest gently pulling the skin near your eye outwards; this will make the application process a lot easier! Then, wait for it to dry for at least three minutes, or until it is no longer tacky.

Step 3:
Apply your magnetic lashes.

Using a pair of tweezers, take the tip of your magnetic lashes and go to apply them to your lash line. Wait for them to lock with the liner. Then, voila! Repeat on the other eye, and you have yourself a set of glamorous lashes you’re guaranteed to love.

How to Remove Magnetic Eyeliner

Now that you’ve gotten a good day’s use of gorgeous lashes, it’s time to remove them. Unlike traditional faux lashes, which entail a risky removal process, removing magnetic liner and lashes is effortless and painless.

To remove your magnetic eyeliner, carefully lift them, starting from the outer corner and pulling towards your nose. Next, remove your magnetic liner with eye makeup remover.

And that’s it!

Once you’ve successfully removed your liner and lashes, be sure to place them back in their original Klinqe box and keep them away from direct sunlight so they retain their shape. Properly caring for your magnetic lashes will extend their lifespan and allow you to get many uses out of them!