Magnetic Eyeliner – Australia

A product that’s both a liquid eyeliner and falsies magnet? Yes to all of it! Klinqe’s liquid magnetic eyeliner is perfect for creating that polished, lined, or winged look while keeping your lashes in place.

Our liner is waterproof, so you can spend a whole day or whole night out without worrying about it melting and causing a mess. It’s also vegan friendly and can be used up to 100 times. It can’t get any better than that, right?

At Klinqe, we offer the best magnetic eyeliner in Australia. Browse the range and buy online today.

Magnetic Eyeliner Australia

Magnetic Eyeliner – Australia

  • Used with Magnetic Lashes
  • Waterproof & Smudge proof
  • Easy to Apply – 2 minutes or less!
  • non-toxic, no glue, no mess
  • up to 100 uses
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Vegan & Cruelty-free
  • Australian Safety & Quality Compliant
  • 100% Secure Checkout
  • Free Shipping : AU & NZ $ 50+ | INTL $150+



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Buy Magnetic Liners, Ditch the Glue

Over the years, magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner have grown in popularity as an exceptional alternative to traditional false lashes and glue, and for good reasons.

It can be tricky to put on fake lashes. It’s like learning how to use eyeliner for the first time. So imagine if you just had to learn one skill (putting eyeliner) and then automatically be able to wear falsies; wouldn’t that be something?

Our non-toxic magnetic liner takes only minutes to apply and will last all day. But aside from being easy to apply, there are other reasons to ditch the glue.

Non-Toxic Formula

We can’t speak for other brands, but here at Klinqe, we have the best magnetic lashes and liners in Australia. Our products are cruelty-free and vegan friendly, hypoallergenic and non-irritating, and perfectly safe.

Waterproof and Smudge Proof

You’ve been there before – beautiful eyeliner that’s meant to slay. That is, until after a few hours and you realize you’ve been wearing raccoon eyes for a while. Our smudge-proof liquid eyeliner is the best magnetic eyeliner you’ll ever use. We guarantee that your lashes stay on all day and do not make a mess on your lash line.

Low Reaction Risk

Our magnetic liquid liner will keep your false lashes in place with no risk of an allergic reaction. That’s because our magnetic eyeliner is vegan, which makes it as safe as real lashes or natural lashes.

Shop Online Today

If you want magnetic lash kits and eyeliners that are ethically handmade for you, then browse our selection and buy magnetic eyelashes online today. We offer free shipping throughout Australia and New Zealand on orders over $50. Wherever you are in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide or anywhere else, Klinqe offers only the best magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner in Australia.