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The Effortless Glam of KLINQE Magnetic Lashes

Embrace effortless beauty and lasting confidence with Klinqe Lashes! Explore our collection today and discover the perfect lashes to elevate your everyday look.

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Why Are Faux Mink Lashes Better?

The Mink is a dark-coloured, semiaquatic mammal that’s part of the family that weasels, otters and ferrets belong to. Currently, there are only two existing species referred to as “mink” the American mink and the European mink. Mink hair has a natural curl, which makes it perfect for creating real mink lashes extensions. But false eyelashes are increasingly being created using synthetic materials, for some very obvious reasons.

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They’re Cruelty-Free

Real mink lashes are either collected from minks under stressful conditions or removed from dead ones. Minks living on fur farms suffer in tiny cages. They are not allowed to roam free nor are they fed with good food. Most of them are killed once they start growing thick winter coats.

Faux-mink lashes are synthetic and crafted to look and feel exactly like real mink fur, but without any animals actually suffering from the product.

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They Stay Flatteringly Curly

Real mink lashes become straight when wet because they absorb water and are weighed down by the moisture. That’s never going to be a problem with faux mink lashes. The synthetic fibres in faux mink lashes are designed to stay curved and won’t lose their shape even when wet. For natural looking false lashes, Klinqe offers the best magnetic false eyelashes in Australia.

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Zero Allergy Threat

Synthetic lashes are manufactured and sanitised to a point where they pose no allergy risks. Klinqe lashes are attached using micro magnets which further reduces the chances of allergic reactions, since there is no chemical adhesive required to set the lashes in place.

Not only is it near impossible to tell the difference between faux and real mink lashes, using faux mink lashes are cruelty free and vegan friendly.

Cluster Lashes

Klinqe’s Pre-Glued Clusters deliver instant volume and definition without the hassle of traditional lashes. Klinqe Cluster Lashes are easy to apply and perfect for creating a customized lash look. From subtle wisps to dramatic volume, the possibilities are endless! Mix and match clusters to create dramatic volume for a night out or subtle definition for everyday wear. Klinqe’s long-lasting wear ensures your gorgeous lashes stay put throughout the day or night. Embrace effortless beauty and transform your lashes with Klinqe!

Magnetic Lashes

Our lashes was one of the first magnetic lashes in the Australian Market! These premium lashes redefine effortless beauty. Enjoy a stunning look that lasts 24 hours without reapplication and lasts 24 hours without reapplication and lasts up to 60 years. Embrace guilt-free luxury with vegan synthetic silk fibers that flawlessly mimic mink hair. It’s glue-free hypoallergenic formula guarantees a comfortable, long-lasting look.

Magnetic Liner

Klinqe Magnetic Liner offers strong adhesiveness for a flawless hold. This waterproof, smudge-proof liner dries fast and lasts all day. Enjoy effortless lashes in seconds. But wait, there’s more! Klinqe’s Magnetic Liner doubles as a bold black eyeliner, letting you define your eyes with dramatic precision even when not rocking your magnetic lashes. Experience the magic of effortless beauty and long-lasting wear with Klinqe’s Magnetic Liner – the ultimate all-in-one solution for flawless lashes and captivating eyes.

Experience Luxury Beauty with Confidence

At Klinqe Australia, we believe luxury beauty shouldn’t come at the expense of comfort or peace of mind. That’s why we meticulously craft our products using the highest-quality materials. Every detail, from the gentle application to the comfortable wear, is carefully considered to elevate your lash and beauty experience. Whether you’re a seasoned makeup artist or a beauty beginner exploring the world of lashes for the first time, Klinqe Australia caters to your needs. Our diverse range of products is designed to be gentle on your eyes and natural lashes, while still offering the dramatic impact or subtle definition you desire. With Klinqe, you can achieve a flawless, luxurious look that feels as good as it looks.

Forget the limitations of conventional beauty!

Klinqe Australia strives to ignite the spark of creativity with our revolutionary range of products by empowering you to explore boundless possibilities in expressing your unique style. Klinqe’s innovative approach to beauty transcends the ordinary. Imagine effortless application, instant transformations, and the freedom to customize your look with ease. Our products are meticulously designed for both makeup enthusiasts and those just starting their beauty journey, ensuring everyone can achieve stunning results with confidence. Get ready to redefine your beauty routine and embrace a world of effortless glam with Klinqe Australia.

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Introducing our revolutionary self-adhesive cluster lashes, the ultimate solution for effortless beauty! Say goodbye to messy glue and hello to instant glamour with our easy-to-apply lash clusters. Perfect for any occasion, these lashes provide a customizable, natural look that enhances your eyes in seconds.

What Our Client Say

Its great for special occasions, weddings, girls’ night-out  and fun things like that.

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On Klinqe Cluster Lashes

I’m very keen to try out these cluster lashes and see how they hold up! No glue is required either, so I’m excited to see how effortless they are to use!

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Chanelle Scott

On Cluster Lashes

I wore the lashes on the weekend and absolutely loved them – lightweight and natural looking. Thank You.

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Ravi Thind


The lashes is lightweight, very comfortable and easy to wear, the quality is extraordinary

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