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Your Guide to Dramatic Lashes



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Admit it, faux lashes can be a bit addicting especially if you have mastered its application. No doubt, Klinqe faux lashes are very easy to put on as they are easy to remove. For a tutorial in putting on Klinqe lashes, click here.  It is but natural to become more adventurous with lashes once we’ve come around to wearing it. Now we want something more dramatic, something bolder something with more sashay, jazz and va-va-voom.

But first, what makes dramatic lashes? Length and Volume lovies! Lashes that measure more than 15mm are considered long-length lashes, so better look for these if you want drama. Klinqe’s Daydream and Jealousy lashes are sure to wow you with its 17mm long lashes. 

Volume on the other hand means that more lashes are packed into the lash band making for a fuller and thicker look. Envious and Jade lashes from Klinqe offer full bodied look. A combination of these two makes the perfect dramatic lashes one can dream of. 

Aside from length and volume, another aspect of a dramatic eyelash is in the shape of the lashes. Cat’s eye is always a classic and never disappoints. A cat eye style features shorter lengths in the inner corner of the lash band and gradually lengthening to long lashes on the outer corner of the eyes. The style mimics the shape of winged liner! It is perfect for those with round eyes, but still looks perfect on monolids! Klinqe’s Azalea, Diamond and  Desire have distinct cat-eye lashes for you to try.

glam disco

Slay at the Parteyyy.

Off course, in order to maximize the full effect  of dramatic lashes, these should go hand in hand with the over-all look that you are rocking. Dramatic lashes calls for fancy clothes and your make up to be on full glam mode. Dramatic lashes are best fit for a night out or special events and are not advisable for everyday errands or one will look too overdone for most people’s taste. So be bold and be confident now that you have the goods specially when the moment calls for it.  And yes, don’t forget to have fun and slayyyyy.