Klinqe Self Adhesive Cluster Lashes

Klinqe Self Adhesive Cluster Lashes

Introducing “One-Minute Ready-to-Go Cluster Lashes” – a game-changer in beauty. These pre-glued lash clusters offer quick, glue-free application, perfect for beginners and busy individuals. They’re easy to reuse and remove without residue. Ideal for all occasions, with a variety of trendy styles. Upgrade your beauty routine today.



ONE MINUTE – READY – TO GO CLUSTER LASHES – a game-changer in the world of beauty. Say goodbye to the hassle of glue and the time-consuming struggle of traditional falsies lashes. These pre-glued lash clusters are designed for quick and easy application, making them perfect for first-time users, busy individuals, beginners, and anyone seeking a convenient eyelash solution. Simply press them on, and forget about the sticky mess!

BEGINNER FRIENDLY – Our self adhesive eyelashes are super easy to put on and won’t harm your own lashes. You won’t have to deal with leftover glue, they’ll make you feel like you got a professional salon treatment.What’s cool about our no glue eyelashes is that you can use them more than once. If they stop sticking well, you can add lash glue and keep using them like normal lashes. This saves you money and is great for your beauty routine.

EASY TO REMOVE – These reusable adhesive eyelashes are not only convenient and cost-effective but also safe and comfortable. Our no glue lashes press on lashes can be removed easily without leaving behind any glue residue, saving you time and potential skin irritation. Even beginners can achieve glamorous eye looks in just a few minutes, making them a fantastic addition to your makeup routine.

PERFECT FOR ALL OCCASIONS – Our false lashes with glue are perfect for all occasions, whether it’s a casual day out or a special evening event. Our glueless lashes are made of light and soft synthetic fibers, ensuring comfort all day long. Save both time and money with a one-minute application that eliminates the need for makeup removers. And, with a wide range of popular styles, you can easily enhance your look with minimal effort.

HIGH QUALITY TRENDY STYLES – Don’t miss the chance to experience the difference for yourself. Try our self adhesive lash clusters today, and transform your beauty routine. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions – we’re dedicated to creating a pleasant shopping experience for you. Say hello to the future of lash application with our “One-Minute Ready-to-Go” self adhesive eyelashes.


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