Klinqe Twilight Radiance

Klinqe Twilight Radiance

Introducing “One-Minute Ready-to-Go Cluster Lashes” – a game-changer in beauty. These pre-glued lash clusters offer quick, glue-free application, perfect for beginners and busy individuals. They’re easy to reuse and remove without residue. Ideal for all occasions, with a variety of trendy styles. Upgrade your beauty routine today.



No glue, no mess, just stunning lashes! Our revolutionary press-on lash clusters are the perfect solution for beginners and experts alike.

Just one easy step! Simply place the cluster beneath your natural lash and press gently with the applicator. That’s it! No more messy glue or frustrating mistakes.

Gentle on Lashes Our lashes are also gentle on your natural lashes and easy to remove. Simply peel them off gently with your fingers. No makeup remover is required. No glue residues! No lash damage!

Light as Air Our flexible band provides a weightless and comfortable wearing experience. So you can wear your lashes all day long without any discomfort.

Mix and Match! With 4 dynamic styles to choose from, you can find the perfect lashes for any mood or event. Transform your lashes effortlessly and embrace a youthful and vibrant aesthetic.

Order your press-on lash clusters today and experience the next level of lash innovation!


✦ Benefits of Klinqe Self-Adhesive Lashes:
✦ Easy to use: perfect for beginners!
✦ No glue needed, so it’s easy to apply and remove
✦ Gentle on your natural lashes
✦ Weightless and comfortable to wear
✦ Mix and Match!
✦ Reusable!
✦ Waterproof!
✦ Invisible Lash Band for a Natural look


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